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How We Can Help

You probably excel at your core business – it’s why you’re a growing company. The challenge often comes in adding know-how in peripheral areas – finance, systems management and marketing just to name a few. Adding full-time, experienced employees in these areas can be cost prohibitive and inefficient. That’s where we can help.

Think of us as a Swiss Army Knife that can be used in a variety of ways. For a monthly fixed cost, we provide you with a new team member that can contribute to a wide range of activities. You free up time to concentrate on leading your company and gain the experience needed to propel your business forward.

Financial Analysis

  • Establishing benchmark metrics
  • Identifying areas of opportunity
  • Coordinating accounting and tax resources
  • Planning for future growth

Marketing Operations

  • Mapping the sales pipeline
  • Creating processes to capture KPIs
  • Crafting compensation structures
  • Setting up and optimizing software platforms

Event Management

  • Researching the competitive landscape
  • Designing large conferences and shows
  • Handling end-to-end event operations
  • Improving future events through feedback analysis

Strategy & Vision

  • Capturing and documenting company vision
  • Developing plans to share vision internally and externally
  • Establishing roadmaps and strategies to reach goals
  • Monitoring progress and assisting with course correction as needed

Need Help in an Area Not Listed?

Let’s talk. We may or may not be able to help, but we will always listen and help you find a solution to whatever challenge you may be facing.

What Makes Us Different

Full Circle Engagement Full-circle engagement
learning to planning to execution…and back again
Embedded member of your team Embedded member of your team
not just consultants…we roll up our sleeves and dig in
Month-to-month agreements Month-to-month agreements
relationships for the long run without the long term risk
Simple hourly block per month model Simple hourly block per month model
adjustable based on budget and need
Wide range of capabilities Wide range of capabilities
not limited to one area of focus
Extensive experience Extensive experience
battle-tested know-how for your team

Our Process


The worst thing we could do is jump in and start changing things without understanding why you do what you do. There’s usually a reason. We are confident that we can use our experience to help your company grow, but the process starts with listening and understanding how you got to where you are.


After we understand your business, we’ll help you identify areas of opportunity and develop a strategy to achieve key objectives. We’ll create a roadmap to growth that makes the most of your company’s unique value proposition and maximizes the resources at hand.


We’re in this for the long run. We don’t deliver a plan and then walk away. We’ll roll up our sleeves and help you execute the vision and overcome the obstacles that invariably crop up. Learning is an iterative process and we’ve gained our experience by being in the weeds. We don’t intend to stop now.

Evaluating & Optimizing

As we complete projects and plans, chances are we’ve learned some things along the way – ideas that worked and others that weren’t as effective. We’ll help you evaluate results and how we can use this information to improve going forward.

About Us

  • Paul Clowe Founded by Paul Clowe in September of 2015
  • Corporate Enviroment Over 25 years experience in corporate environment
  • Upper Managemnt Upper management role in manufacturing, construction, services and events industries
  • Inter-Departmental Experience Extensive experience in inter-departmental strategic planning

Let’s Talk

Scoping your needs is always free.

We may or may not be the best fit for you in your situation. The only way to find out is for us to have a chat and gain an understanding of your needs. If we are not the best solution, we’ll let you know and point you in the right direction.

Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll carve out some time to learn about you and your company.

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